Picasso played by Antonio Banderas in Malaga

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Banderas / Picasso – Filming for the show in which Antonio Banderas will star as Pablo Picasso has begun. Genius, the Fox 21 and National Geographic series about the life of the painter from Malaga started filming in the city earlier this week. On Tuesday, film crews filled the Malagueta bullring to recreate an important moment from Picasso’s early life when he watched a bullfight with his father. They started working at the crack of dawn in order to avoid nosy passersby.

Banderas himself was also present on set, despite not actually being on screen during these scenes, as he is also playing a role in the production. The Malaga-born actor has described bullfighting as his “passion”. At one point, Banderas donned a bullfighting cap in the way that Picasso was photographed doing by André Villers.

The next day, completely different scenes were filmed on the Malagueta beach as it was transformed into the Cote d’Azur, where adult Picasso would go on holiday. In a white shirt, shorts, and grey wig, Banderas became the painter, on the set which had been constructed at five o’clock in the morning. The film crew recreated famous images of Picasso, like the photo taken by Robert Capa in 1948 of the artist holding a beach umbrella and walking behind his partner at the time, Françoise Gilot.

More filming will be taking place in Malaga over the next few days, at locations such as Plaza de la Merced and the museum of Picasso’s birthplace, before going on to Paris, Barcelona, and Budapest.


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