Noche de San Juan 2017 South Beach Style

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Friday 23 June was celebration night at South Beach Marbella for Noche de san Juan. I had some friends over from the U.K and decided we wanted dinner on the beach as well as the all the usual celebrations. The refurb at South Beach Marbella ( El Rosario ) is superb all wooden with a real chic feel to it. They did a special menu for Noche de San Juan which was superb and great Value and great music by DJ Lau Man. Wined and dined then we all ran down to the beach jumped over the fire lit out chinese lanterns and ran into the sea.

The tradition and legend on the beach with bonfires, (live)music, drinks, food, your friends & family
It is ritual that rules at San Juan together with the common elements: Fire & Water
One of them is that during Noche de San Juan you should:
Jump over a bonfire.
Burn a piece of paper with your lovers name on it
Burn something old and personal to leave behind bad spirits from the past and start a new phase.
Swimming in the ocean after midnight purifies soul and body.
Then you will have luck for the next 12 months !

Check out South Beach Marbella

RESERVATIONS: +34 665 660 737
Av. del Limonar 124, Marbella (exit El Rosario)

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