Virgen del Carmen celebrations

Posted By Chris Newsham / July 17, 2016 / La Cala, La Cala Festivals, La Cala News / 0 Comments

Last night in La Cala saw the entry of Virgen del Carmen who is the patron saint of the sea, unfortunately the sea was too choppy to but the boat in so for fun the guys who were carrying the Virgin all run like crazy into the sea as it such is very important to the fishing community of La Cala. We saw the beautifully crafted statue being carried around the town streets, before normally being taken to the beach and placed on board a boat and taken out to sea. The local fishing boats normally will then follow the statue in a wide circuitous route before heading back to shore where she is carried back to her resting place inside the church.  Great display by La Cala and a great family fun evening on the beach.

IMG_1051   Virgen del Carmen La Cala   IMG_1064




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