Fuengirola Feria 2015

Posted By Chris Newsham / October 11, 2015 / OLIVIA'S LA CALA Whats on Guide / 0 Comments

Yesterday we visited the Feria at Fuengirola which is one of my favourites. I love this particular Feria because of the horses. All the local men, women and children really go put all their very best on and parade around the Feria ground with such style and grace, they absolute love the admiration they get from the crowds. Our day started at approx 4pm where we enjoyed Mojitos etc. the the crowd stroll up and down all the tavern bars athat only open that week for feria. Each bar has its own bands singing, dancing including all dancing Flamenco and of course Sevilliana. The 8pm the illuminations are all switched on and the fairground goes on until early hours of the morning. Fun day not to be missed.

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